Topographic Theory of the Mind: The Unconscious, Preconscious, and Conscious Mind

The consciousness of the mind is divided into three realms, as explained by Sigmund Freud. The urges, thoughts, memories, our knowledge are all stored in these different levels of consciousness. The three levels are divided as per the mind’s awareness levels. 

The conscious mind consists of everything that we are aware of. Think of two-dimension or 2D, which is most commonly measured through length and breadth, hence it is usually a flat surface. Everything that you can currently see and observe is all there is, similar to the awareness in this level of mind. Things you like and dislike, food you are eating, your habits, current thoughts, and similar things are a part of the conscious mind.

Then comes the preconscious mind, which adds another level to the previous one, similar to third-dimension or 3D. Our world is viewed in 3D, much like the preconscious level, which contains our knowledge and memories; they are readily available and brought to awareness if required. Hence, aspects of life like your childhood memories, your favorite teacher in school, and similar things that do not exist in our immediate awareness but can be brought there with questioning or introspection.

The third level is the unconscious mind, which can be compared to 4D or fourth-dimension, the dimension that adds time to 3D. According to researchers, 4D is not directly observable, sort of like it is veiled. This is similar to the Unconscious as it is considered to be hidden, a reservoir of memories, desires and feelings, deep inside our mind. Hence, the unconscious would consist of our deepest, innermost hidden desires and feelings that we possess and are usually not aware of in our mind. 

As you walk into a mind, the deeper you go, the more there is to uncover. Our minds are complex aspects of our being and with the first step we take into it, we begin our journey towards understanding ourselves. Every step into our mind helps us understand why we behave the way we do and like what we like.