Meghna Gupta

Mental Health Professional

Meghna has been working passionately in mental health to sensitize people regarding the need for psychological science in today’s world. Her intent has always been to prioritize mental health and well-being for generic wellbeing. She “believes in building a space where mental health awareness is widely accessible, recognized, and continues to strive for it.”

Education and Professional qualification:-

Professional Experience:-

She is the Founder of “The world of Psychology”, a member of the Editorial Team for the association of Indian school & university counselors and allied professionals (A.I.S.U.C.A.P). She has a student affiliate at the American psychological association (A.P.A), and she is a life member at the international association of young psychologists (I.A.Y.P). She has worked on research studies and presented them at National and International Conferences.

Her professional, Clinical training has been from prestigious institutions listed below:

Professional training and certification:-

She has volunteered with NGOs such as UMEED® and SAMARPIT® on various general and mental wellbeing-related aspects as a part of a field-based outreach Program being a mental health professional.

She was associated with the Delhi Government on a pro-bono basis working on the COVID Response Crisis Helpline. In addition, she has delivered talks in collaboration with various Associations and Organizations on topics such as the Anxiety Toolkit (Psychoeducation), Decoding the Socio-Emotional Wellbeing of Children and Adolescents (A.I.S.U.C.A.P, Expressions India).