Mental Health Professional

Ashutosh is a great listener with an analytical approach and optimism towards professional, personal life situations. He believes that “If your thoughts are bothering you, or you’ve been in conflict with yourself or others for some time, it’s a good idea to talk about it. There are times when we require help, and it is reassuring to know that the other person is capable enough to lend support”.

Education and Professional qualification:-

Professional Experience:-

He has received his clinical training at Moolchand hospital, New Delhi. He has worked as a Counsellor where he worked with Children in conflict with the law (C.C.L) in association with Expressions India N.G.O, Department of women and Child and Juvenile Justice Boards, where he did profiling, screening, and counseling for sex offenders, children with criminogenic aspects. 

He likes to help his clients evolve and work through their concerns, involving but not limited to anxiety issues, conflict resolution, relationship problems, decision making and assertiveness training, adolescence, career issues, broken and dysfunctional families. In addition, he. She aims to provide emotional support to people in distress, spread awareness about the importance of mental health, and help people grow holistically.