Eclectic approach
We incorporate diverse forms of interventions i.e. traditional, modern and alternative therapy to get the best results for our clients.
Humanistic perspective
Every individual has traits and circumstances that make them unique as a human. We use a humanistic approach to promote overall well being, a positive attitude with gratitude and a better understanding of self.
Anonymous discussion
We value your privacy and trust in us thus, we take stringent, multi-level measures to ensure your identity and information is safe with us.
Care & Support Beyond Therapy
We offer care and support beyond therapy to the members associated with My talk world. You can also join our support group for further details click on our services.
Counseling Across Lifespan
We have a team of certified and experienced mental health experts who offer psychological wellbeing services across lifespan.
Diverse Expertise
Our mental health professionals have a spectrum of expertise based on theoretical, practical, experiential and experimental skills which assure optimal results.
Multi Linguistic
We offer therapeutic interventions by our mental health experts in multiple languages to our clients.
Round The Clock Support
You can choose from a range of flexible payment plans as our mental health professionals are available around the clock. In case of any concern, you can also get in touch with our grievance and complaint cell, available at all times.


Understand & Cure Your Mental Health


As Maragaret Mead emphasized, ‘Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.’ making childhood the foundation of life.


The child in an adult officially resigns from adulthood. Decisions will be made using the eenie-meeni-minie-moe method and arguments will be settled by sticking out their tongue.


Someone who is ready for the zombie apocalypse but not ready for the math test tomorrow, is a dilemma faced by every teen.


Old-age is like the finest wine in the collection as it has been tested & triumphed through time, showing us the importance of elders in our life.


As Jasmine Guy said, ‘There is no sexuality that is greater or lesser than another.’ making every individual unique in their own preferences.


As Mahatma Gandhi said 'Hate the sin, not the sinner’, is the first step towards reform and change.