Our Projects


This project provides a platform or a space where people can come together to talk about anything, express feelings or share ideas, along with mental health professionals guiding the way. This helps you become aware that your innermost feelings and emotions can be heard, understood with a supportive attribute that leads to positive changes.
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The urge to connect is a basic need in everyone i.e. some prefer it one-on-one, some on multi-level, and some on a inner level. Our project “Connect” offers ways to develop personal, professional and social relationships through counseling services, seminars, workshops, newsletters along with real life stories, client testimonials to inspire you.
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Everyone at some stage needs care and support, which we believe fosters positive growth thus our project aims at providing multi-faceted information, support group to symbolize support and care beyond therapeutic interventions. The act of compassion and care is very powerful as it strengthens the human bond and acts as a support system leading the way forward.
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