Catharsis Talkspace & Therapy:

We have kept it as seamless as possible for you to get in touch with our experts. We have provided the following modes that you can choose according to your convenience:-


  • Audio/Video Call
  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • In-person meeting

#Our services are available round the clock (24x7). Contact us


Note – Booking is mandatory in order to schedule the counseling session with a specific or preferred mental health expert.

For your convenience, we offer different plans that are tailored according to your preferences. The plans range from once a week to multiple days a week. For more details, please click here.

Online therapy works as effectively as face-to-face therapy sessions. Moreover, various researches show that it is even more beneficial than any other mode of therapy in terms of affordability and accessibility.

MyTalkWorld is committed to providing quality counseling services as per the client’s requirements. Therefore, we have devised a unique feedback system that includes a comprehensive pre and post-therapy analysis. Accordingly, it will help the client assess or evaluate the effectiveness of the therapy. For more details, Click here

MyTalkWorld ensures that a certified counselor is available round the clock for our registered clients. Therefore, our clients can contact us on our 24x7 available Helpline. You can also connect with us on chat. Please note- In case of any emergency, suicidal, or self-harm-related matters contact us on +91 8929-626-919

Here are some things you should keep in mind if this is your first time in therapy:

1. Therapy is a time taking process
2. It is helpful to keep a goal in mind
3. Feel free to ask questions about anything that comes to your mind - in general, or about the therapeutic process
4. Anything you share with your therapist is kept confidential

If any further questions or concerns arise, you can ask your mental health professional

Therapy will help you to get an insight into your feelings and thoughts. It will eventually help you deal effectively with your problems. Honestly communicating your expectations about therapy will enhance the effectiveness of the therapeutic process and also helps to build a more positive and trust-based client-therapist relationship.

Understanding the treatment methodologies used by your therapists, their experience, education, and training can help you answer this question.
Most importantly, you should feel comfortable opening up to them.
If not, don't worry; you can always ask for a referral or contact our customer support personnel to find a good fit for your therapeutic needs.

Therapy is for people who are struggling with emotional difficulties, life challenges and other mental health concerns. You don't need to be in a crisis to get support. If you are aware and proactive about your mental health, you might prevent yourself from concerns which might turn into larger problems.


You can make changes to your subscription plan from your account settings (LINK). Moreover, you can also get in touch with us via the following ways:-


➔ Call the allocated personal consultant 

➔ Send us an email 

➔ Call us on our 24*7 support helpline number.


  • If the customer support personal or customer helpline doesn’t resolve my issue what can be done?
  • What are the available modes of payment for sessions, workshops, etc?
  • How can I refer a friend, family member, colleague to a session with the mental health professional?
  • What is the policy for membership, subscription discontinuation?
  • If there is a technical issue in attending a session or workshop, how can we get help?

Our customers and their feedback are vital to us. You can visit the Join Us, disclaimers, terms and conditions sections of the website to know in detail. Also, you can connect with us through our helpline number, email, or feedback box. (link)

In such scenarios, you can contact the following for assistance:

1. The project coordinator.
2. Personal Connecteur allocated to you.
3. Helpline number.

Professional ethics and guidelines are the foundation of our services. The confidentiality and consent form explains our policies and methods to ensure your privacy and security. Additionally, you can connect to your therapist or personal connecteur for further details.

Connect With Us:

We offer various modes of payment, online and offline, as per your convenience.

The consent of the person referred will be the first step towards connecting with My Talk World. After a detailed discussion regarding their requirement, they will be guided for further process.

Please visit the Join Us section of the website. You can also email or call us.


Initiate the journey by registering with us, which gives you a unique login ID. You can connect to the mental health professionals by the following methods:

1. Choose from the profiles displayed on the website

2. Ask the helpdesk professional to connect you with an expert after discussing your requirements, concerns, or needs.

We have around-the-clock customer support services. You can connect on call/email or leave a comment in the query box.

The consent of the person referred will be the first step towards connecting with My Talk World. After a detailed discussion regarding their requirement, they will be guided for further process.

As per the guidelines, the consent of parents or guardians is required for a minor to avail therapeutic services.
Further details can be found in our confidentiality and consent form. You can also connect to a mental health professional or customer helpline regarding the same.